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How GGMS Gym Management Software can help you to grow your Gym/Club Business?

GGMS is a robust yet cost-effective gym management software developed by Gayatri Software. The application has been designed for a cost effective solution in such a price that it will not impact financials of gym owner and provide them the best of in class features to manage their business effectively. GGMS is a combo of software with mobile app. GGMS-Gym Management Software has many pros as it can help with Automated communication and event notification tool, event managing is significant activities of every firm like client and candidate date of birth reminder, customer attendance database management, automated email scheduling for every special event, automated mobile SMS reminder for an upcoming event like membership Renewal, Holidays, etc. This software will also help you with most accurate reporting, reporting is the main phase of every management, so for perfect management of the whole gym activities, reporting customization plays the vital role to run the health club perfectly and by the perfect reporting, timing, scheduling payment management can be printed. Customize reporting is to be the main tool for gym Management software without reporting you can’t get the best business revenues.

GGMS Features :

    Admin can add or manage members by adding their membership plans, payment and date of registration. Also admin/operator can use a webcam to capture a member's photo.

    GGMS have some unique reporting options in which admin can track down user wise sales report. Payment method, day, weekly, monthly or date range wise collection report. Membership report, PT and membership incentive report, expense report, due amount report and more...

    GGMS will send auto notification and alert to members on such events like adding a member, 1 day before membership expiration, membership renewal, PT expiration, PT renewal, Birthday and Anniversary. GGMS will send all key notifications and alerts which will helps in growth of any Gym/Club/Fitness Centre.

    GGMS have very smooth integration to sync attendance of members and staff with every key biometric provider - ZKT, ESSL, Real-time, Biomax, Securely and more. Which is also helps to BOOST business growth.

    With GGMS operators and trainers can add their manual diet and workout plan category wise, also they can assign diet and exercise plan to their members directly. Members can see their assigned diet and exercise plan in their logins.

    Enquiries plays key role in growth of any business. With GGMS admin or operator can manage their enquires with thread and follow-up option. Also they can make enquires as a member directly.


GGMS - GayatriSoft Gym Management Software consist variety of modules that can help gym owners to manage their own gym easily and effective way.

Membership Management
Record Keeping & Reports
Alerts & Due Reminders
Biometric Integration
Personalised Diet & Excercise Plan
Auto SMS/Email
Class Scheduling
QR Code Attendance
Enquiry CRM
Inventory Management
Cash Flow Reports
Expense Tracking

We Are Different

  • Data Keeping

    GGMS can help them in subscription plan payments which are due as it helps keep track of payment due dates.

  • Fee Collection

    GGMS has an automatic notifications feature which enables them to be aware of when a member is supposed to pay their membership fee so they can collect on time.

  • Partial Payments Tracking

    With GGMS, you can avoid being confounded by partial payments as the solution helps you keep track of them.

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What is Go GYM?

Whether you have a gym or are planning to start a gym, your business can be easily gulped or beaten by old fish and smart competitors you already have in the market. You will need a perfect strategy to encounter or outsmart them to run your own business perfectly or professionally. To achieve that, one should use the latest tools available to achieve growth, including data analysis, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing. To make any business successful, we need better management. Hence Gogym4u-Gym Management Software is must-have for a gym growth. Gogym4u- Gym Management Software has many pros, as it can help with Automated Communication and event notification tools.

App Features

  • Multiple Gym Management

  • Alert & Notifications

  • Plan Management

  • Membership Management

  • Enquiry Management

  • Trainer/Staff Management

  • Collection And Expense Report

  • Personalised SMS Templates

  • Diet-Exercise Mgmt. & Assign

  • Manage Members Measurements

  • Member Attendance Using QR Code

  • Member Login

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